Baredine Cave

Get to know a mysterious game of nature that was created over thousands of years far from daylight and the human eye ... Visit the underground world of the Baredine cave. This cave is a veritable treasure trove of stalactites and stalagmites, underground sculptures that were created by the constant action of water. This is how wonderful stalactite shapes such as the 10 meter long "curtains", the very realistic "Mother of God" shape, the body of the "Shepherdess Milka", the "Tower of Pisa" and a snowman, who was appointed as the protective symbol of this cave, were created.

In one of the halls you walk past a 4 meter wide and 66 meter deep gorge that stretches down to Grundseen. In summary, our guide will take you through five halls, five galleries with abstract and realistic sculptures during a pleasant 40-minute walk. A special feature of this adventure is also the encounter with the underground animal world: you will see cave olms (Proteus anguinus), an endemic form of this animal species that only lives in our Istrian karst areas.

At the entrance to the cave there is a museum glass case, where dishes from prehistoric times are on display. Our prehistoric ancestors settled here, probably during warm and dry summers, to fill these drop by drop with valuable water.